My article about Reincarnation has been published in the Toastmasters magazine this year. I suggest you to read this and give your comments.


My sister and I had participated in the National level golf tournament in junior category held at Coimbatore Golf Club in 2017. At the end, I won the overall competition in category-D and my sister came as the runner up in category-C. We both had our first and the most wonderful experience through playing among professional golfers who’s our same age and a gist of how a professional national competition would be. With the help and tips of our coach murthy, we were able to succeed in this competition with a great victory. I was very happy to participate and win in such competitions and I am further expecting to participate and succeed in such competitions in the future.



On July 21, 2019, I learnt how to dismantle and assemble a Royal Enfield thunderbird with the help of a good friend of mine who studies Mechatronics in SNS Institute of technology And who has an unconditional love on automobiles like me. On that day, we did a basic necessary service which is done once in a few months at workshops. We learnt how to change the engine oil in the bike and how to change the air filter in the bike. We also learnt how to add a fog lamp with the electrical works. Apart from what I learnt according to our plan, I learnt a lot of other information too. That gave me a good amount of knowledge on other things too. The more I learnt, the more I loved it. And I also got to learn about the various tool used in this situations. After all the things I learnt and after assembling the bike again, we took it out for a ride because it is always the best feeling to take a bike out for a spin once you repaired it. I had an wonderful experience by this and I’m expecting forward for such incredible experiences in the future.



This is a project done by me for the ATL competition which happened on august 2019. As the topic was to come up with an idea using a drone to solve problems faced by the society. So I came up with an idea to take current problems, so I decided to take about landfill fire accidents and find a solution using a drone. So, we bought a drone, and researched on landfill and came up with solutions for preventing landfill fires. So how fire accidents happen in landfills is basically when there is a lot of waste materials dumped, it decomposes more so the methane level present in the atmosphere increases. When the methane level goes over the limit, there maybe fire accidents in the area which produces harmful and toxic air which can be harmful to the residents nearby and to the workers working there. It may also harm the environment. So, with our drone prototype, we decided to attach a methane sensor and a VMOS D1 mini board which is programmable and can collect data from the sensor itself and show us  in form of graphs, analogue our digital waves. When the drone flies above the landfill, it detects the amount of methane present and sends us the data through its WiFi transmitter to our computer using a software. This is all about our prototype, we have more for our future enhancements. We will attach a thermal camera into the drone so it can detect the heat and add geofencing so it flies around a particular area and a charging dock so it can charge itself. This is all About our drone and we ensure this will be efficient and useful for saving the environment and people’s life. Thank you.


few months back, I was given the opportunity to speak about a short story I know. So, with given opportunity, I went to radio city to speak about a story that I know and I always wanted to tell it out to everyone. So I thought, why not use this opportunity to do that? So I went there, and As it was my first time speaking on a radio, I was a bit nervous, but the only person who encouraged me was RJ Chiyaan, who works there as a radio jokey. Now he’s become a good friend of mine and he is the one who helps me with my YouTube channel. After I spoke, I felt that I have achieved something great which most of them out there can’t. With the given opportunity, I tried to give the best results and I hope I had.


We have done it! Time and energy well spent for such a big award. Even though we’ve placed 3rd, I feel everything is an achievement and my biggest and best step so far is participating in such events without any expectations. This was only possible with the help of my fellow teammates Raagav and Nithilan from my class. This was all because of their contribution of time and hard work into this project. We consider this as a big milestone for our long and vast journey, and expect to achieve something like this in the future.


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