My art which was published in the Times Of India newspaper last year.


These are my drawings from one of my sketch books I had a year back at 2018. I had this limitless addiction to drawing and doodling. You can always spot me with a book and a sketch when I walk around. All I used to do in 8th was doodling, drawing and sketching whatever I saw, it maybe a bird, it maybe a person, or it maybe a thing, you could know what I like by seeing I go my sketch book. I also drew things which inspired me like car brands and other stuff. I brought it all together and made it as a wonderful doodle. I could draw anything I saw with some practise and I absolutely love them once they’re done. My friends would appreciate me whenever they saw my drawings and they’d help me find and create new things so I can lay it down with a pencil in my sketch book. And colouring my drawings and doodles is the most important and interesting part which gives life to the drawing. Drawing was and is one of my most favourite hobbies when I’m bored. The things in my mind can only be shown through art but nothing else. I am working on some doodles and will post it once I’m done with it. Stay tuned.


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