This photo was actually taken by me in the Nikon D5100 DSLR camera for our school magazine. The meaning or the intention of this photo is to show that one reason or one word or one situation, it maybe anything, but that one thing is enough to join your broken heart, that one thing is enough to bring happiness and an unbreakable bond in your life. If you’re confused by how I connect it to this photo,I pictured that the spark from the welding machine in the one situation, the one word or it maybe anything, that brings happiness to us and lets take the two metals as your broken heart. when the spark comes, the metal joins together and creates an unbreakable bond between the metals. This is the main theme or intention for me to take such photos.


One of the most interesting and easiest type of photography is neon photography. It is nothing but the play of lights in real life. These pictures were taken by me in my Nikon D5100 DSLR camera in the streets of Paris. There has been some post production but by default it is truly flabbergasting. The main intention of neon photography is to pop up the colours in the photo by the neon present in it and showcase emotions. This can be used in many other ways, a portrait of a person with neon lights, an object which has neon lights or an sign board which has neon elements in it. This shows photography is in both extremes, it can be very easy and pay you good or it can be very easy like Neon photography and post you good.



These are some pictures clicked by me with my Nikon D5100 DSLR camera few days back. This is mostly based on the low light photography and the play of lights in a picture. this picture has a lot of beautiful elements in it which makes it one of my most favorite pictures of all time. To start off, let’s talk about the sky in this. the sky was at its most perfect form that day. All i had to do to document this in one picture is take my camera and click a picture. This may seem very easy for you, but there is a lot of effort put in by me to click this picture. To our suprise, the pictures were taken at the same time, with different light settings. From this we can see that how small things change the whole picture. Even the smallest happiness in your life can enlighten your whole life. That can also be related to photography. You see a picture in the dark thats just simple, but the one second of light from the flash means a lot to tell the story. That’s how life works, one second is enough to make you the happiest person in the universe and that one second is enough to destroy everything you’ve had in your entire life. Light plays a major role in photography. the word ‘photo’ in ‘photography’ means light. This shows how important light is in photography. I could’ve increased the brightness . to the car, but you couldn’t have seen the beautiful sky behind it. Sometimes, you completely can’t depend on the camera itself. It is you who is behind the camera who should be experienced enough to get your expected results. Everyone would take a photo and feel that that’s their maximum level of photography they could take. But real photographers would take millions of photos until they’re satisfied with one out of the million. Talking about the photo, one of the main elements for this to be one of my favorites is the droplets of water on the car. Each of the droplets of water reflects the sky. So, you could see thousands of such beautiful skies. That is the sheer beauty of nature and photography. I myself manually focused the shot instead of going with the auto focus of the camera. As I said before you cannot totally depend on the camera. If it was in auto focus, the droplets, the sky and the car wouldn’t have been in focus. That is where you bring your creativity and your photography skills. I hope this content was useful for you to understand the story or the beauty behimd the one photo.



Low light photography is one of the easiest yet flabbergasting photography methods to simple amuze anyone. This picture right here taken in the Nikon D7100 was the best picture out of all the photos i took of this car. The timing was perfect; the car’s indicator, flash and a bus passing by; was the best timing for this photo. All you have to do is to put the camera in a tripod or a place where the camera is steady. Set your shutter speed to the lowest, let’s say for “30 . This means that the shutter in the camera would be open for 30 seconds and captures all the information and data. How this works is basically is the amount you set for the shutter speed, that is the duration of your shutter which is open. During that time, which ever object is passing through the frame would be captured. This totally depends on your creativity, you can take something unique that no one ever has captured before. In photography, the sutter speed determines the amount of light that should enter the camera along with few other settings and options. There are a lot of things running in this photo. The passing bus, the upcoming car, the indicator from the car, the trees wiggling front and back due to the cool breeze, which simply makes it a piece of art. This is one of my first and favorite low light, low shutter speed photography. Hope you learnt something new from this content and stay tuned to see more pictures and informative piece of content related to the picture in the upcoming future.




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